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Team picture schedule at Irwin Park this Saturday. See time below for your teams scheduled slot.


New Canaan Foreign Car GrapeFruit Kieske 8:30
New Canaan Bicycles GrapeFruit Kaufman 8:30
New Canaan Firefighters Cub Jr Frawley 8:45
CatsEye 2 Cub Jr Bartone 9:00
Espinosa Baseball Cub Jr Valente 10:00
Joe's Pizza Cub Jr Larkin 10:15
CatsEye 1 Cub Jr Evans 10:15
New Canaan PBA Cub Jr Bordman 10:30
Rainbow Lettering Cub Jr Garguilo 10:45
CatsEye 3 Cub Jr Kinder 11:00
Instant Replay Sports GrapeFruit Mellick 11:30
New Canaan Wine Merchants GrapeFruit Bennett 11:45
Embody GrapeFruit Connolly 12:00
The White Buffalo GrapeFruit Rogers 12:15