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General Information

New Canaan Baseball will provide most of the required equipment for games and practices. This will include (varies by age and division):  practice and game balls, tees, pitching machines, nets, bases and catcher’s equipment.   


The league provides each player with a team cap and shirt.  The Cub division will wear uniforms of Minor League baseball teams and the other divisions will wear the uniforms of Major League Baseball teams. Uniforms are yours to keep at the end of the season.  We will make recommendations where you can purchase pants, socks, and belts.


All players should have a glove that fits the player's hand but not be too large as to affect feeling the baseball.  Glove sizes are in inches and recommended sizes can vary based on the position of the player.  First baseman’s gloves are the largest, then the outfield. Infielder gloves are the smallest.   A general rule of thumb for glove sizes is as follows:

  • 9” to 10” for players 5-6 years old
  • 10” to 11- 1/2” for players 7-8 years old
  • 11” to 12 1/2” for players 9-12 years old


All players must supply and wear their own batting helmet. We recommend wearing helmets with face masks, especially at younger kid pitch ages where they are developing control of their pitches.

Protective Cup

We recommend protective cups for all players at least at the Minor league level and above.  Cups are mandatory for all players playing catcher and they will not be permitted to play catcher if they are not properly equipped.


As of 2018, the bat standards for Cal Ripken Baseball have changed and we must now adhere to the new USA baseball standards at all ages (5-12). ALL BATS MUST NOW BEAR THE LOGO OF USA BASEBALL TO BE APPROVED FOR USE. Please refer to the link for more information https://www.baberuthleague.org/batter-up/articles/usabat-standard.aspx.  Bats are an essential part of a player’s equipment and sizes vary by player size.    New Canaan Baseball does not supply bats for players and we recommend that each player bring their own bat.  Borrowing a bat from a willing teammate may be an option but bats can be very expensive and custom to each player. 

Bat selection is important and will affect a player’s performance if the bat size is not within range. Bats have what is called a "drop" number.  This is calculated by subtracting the length from the weight.  A 20-oz. bat that is 30 inches long is a -10 or drop 10. Heavier baseball bats may provide more power, while lighter baseball bats may give a player more bat control and increased bat speed. The exact bat size will be a personal preference. This chart provides some guidelines for bat selection:

Bat Sizing Chart


When playing outdoors we recommend that players wear standard baseball cleats with molded plastic soles. Metal cleats are not allowed. When there are indoor sessions at Bobby Valentines Sports Academy, they do not allow cleats so you must use sneakers or turf shoes.